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Take the guesswork out of your sales proposals and confidently sell solar + backup storage. With Aurora you can accurately configure the size and type of battery to best meets your customer’s needs.

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Over 70% of installers already sell storage* and everyday we hear from thousands of solar installers that storage is the fastest growing product in their business. But there has never been an easy way to model and sell storage...until now!

Say goodbye to your messy spreadsheets, calculator and scratchpad! Aurora’s storage feature has industry-leading accuracy so you can be confident there won’t be any change orders. 

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Are your customers confused about how to buy battery storage? Create proposals that that your customers can easily understand to speed up sales cycles and close deals faster.

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How Storage for Aurora Works




Design your solar system with Aurora using all the features you know and love, including irradiance mapping, SmartRoof, shade reports, and more.

Select from 3 recommendations or customize your own setup based on how many backup days/hours your customer wants. Aurora features a large database of components, including most of the industry’s leading batteries.

Create your solar + storage sales proposal in under 15 minutes, featuring a customized page for your battery and inverter recommendation. 

Give them the best solar + storage experience with Aurora's new storage feature!

*Aurora Solar Technology Benchmark Survey

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